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Our mission at Get Outside is to empower others to explore the outdoors, challenge themselves, learn new skills, and have fun doing it.

We focus on getting badass women out exploring, connecting, and growing. The Get Outside experience doesn’t end with the adventure, rather, that’s where it begins.


We see a future filled with adventure, community support, and a whole lot of laughter. We want to see more women outside in leadership roles, inspiring other women to do the same. We believe it is our responsibility as locals, leaders, and adventurers to maintain an active social conscience. We are committed to supporting the outstanding community around us. We hope you will feel the same!


Womens Scholarship Program

Get Outside has started a women’s scholarship program and consistently donates to charities in the Bow Valley. Does this goal resonate with you?
You can support amazing women in our community by contributing to the award. All money collected will go towards sending a woman on the Women's Intro to Backpacking course. As the award grows the number of women sent on experiences will increase proportionally.

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Founder/Owner and Guide
From a young age, Jenna has appreciated the feeling of moving her body and the satisfaction that came from self-propelled activities. Feeding off of the energy of wild places she has spent five months following the white blazes along the Appalachian Trail, two weeks hiking across Baffin Island, 15 days exploring the high altitude passes of the Nepalese Himalayas, and over 500 nights sleeping in her tent. She lives a life creating adventure and opportunity and is passionate about teaching others how to find and create their own adventure. Always in search of an adventure she can be found anywhere but indoors!
More Info & Trip Resume

Currently, she resides in Canmore, AB, balancing guiding and working as a physiotherapist. Hiking and backpacking fill her summer months and snowshoeing takes over in the winter. The majority of her work consists of private guiding, however hiking and backpacking trips are also provided to help you prepare to tackle the trail on your own.


Guide Extraordinaire

Susan currently resides in Canmore, and has been hiking, scrambling, and climbing in the Canadian Rockies for over 15 years. Travelling through the mountains has given her adventure, challenge and lasting friendships. From the shortest of day hikes to multi-day mountaineering expeditions, Susan is most at home moving across beautiful terrain with great people. She's been on hiking adventures across the world, including in Nepal, Peru, Ecuador, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and Laos. She loves the mountains, and enjoys sharing them with others as an Apprentice Hiking Guide, a Rock Climbing Instructor, and a volunteer alpine trip leader with the Alpine Club of Canada. Susan is forever curious, and her favourite part of being a hiking guide is helping others expand their skillsets, learn, and grow through challenging themselves.


Guide Extraordinaire
Sarah currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba but calls the Bow Valley her second home. She was the Photography Facilitator at The Banff Centre from 2005-2015 and currently spends her winters teaching photography at the University of Manitoba. She has worked as an Assistant Hiking Guide since 2019 leading trips in the Canadian Rockies. From a young age, Sarah grew up hiking and camping in the boreal forest of eastern Manitoba and was a tree planter in the B.C. interior for seven years. When she is not guiding or teaching, Sarah works as a visual artist, creating site-specific artworks that focus on non-human experience of the land and the effects of human intervention on ecosystems and organisms. As a guide, Sarah loves sharing knowledge about plants, wildlife and human history in the Canadian Rockies.


Guide Extraordinaire

Kristin, currently resides in Squamish and calls the Coast Mountains home. Works as a full-time teacher during the school year and enjoys all things outdoors. Has been working as an Assistant Hiking Guide for three seasons both in the interior of BC and on the coast. Also works as a Top Rope Climbing Instructor throughout the summer and loves sharing her passion for the outdoors. In her free time, Kristin prefers getting out of cell range and into the alpine for climbing, hiking or just finding a relaxing campsite. Wildflower season in August is her favourite! She is our go-to guide extraordinaire for the Women's West Coast Trail trips.


Guide Extraordinaire
Shannon has been hiking and adventuring in the Canadian Rockies and abroad for over 25 years. Living in Calgary with the mountains in her backyard, she’s a mountain girl at heart and has also lived and worked in Canmore, Banff and on BC’s west coast. Shannon has worked in the environmental education and outdoor pursuits industries with Parks Canada, Alberta Parks, the Alpine Club of Canada and the City of Calgary. As a hiking guide, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and passions for identifying plants, photographing wildlife and mountain vistas, cultural and natural history, adventuring safely and simply stopping to smell the roses.
Trip Resume

Trip Highlights

  • Cycled and hiked in the Italian and Swiss Alps - 2017
  • Trekked Cerro Chirripo, Costa Rica - 2006
  • Backpacked and rock climbed in Tasmania and Australia - 2003
  • Trekked in Nepal; Annapurna Circuit - 1997, Lang Tang - 1997, and Goyko Lakes - 2008
  • Climbed Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina - 1998
  • Trekked Torres del Paine in Chile and the Inca Trail in Peru - 1999
  • Various trips to the US, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain and France among countless trips in the Canadian Rockies hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and cycling.

"One does not simply exist, but always decides what their existence will be, what they will become in the next moment."

― Vicktor Frankl

Who We Are

We are very fortunate to work with such amazing people! These fine people are the reason why we can say we offer unforgettable and professional experiences. Get Outside remains committed to mentoring guides through their training and hiring the people who share similar values and show the highest level of care for the guests.

What We Do

Unforgettable hiking, backpacking, and snowshoeing experiences are our focus. Offering women's only trips is our speciality. Some of our trips are co-ed so that the men in our lives are not always left behind.

All guides are required to have:

Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) - Assistant Hiking Guide or Hiking Guide certification

ACMG guides are certified Mountain Guides, Hiking Guides and Climbing Instructors dedicated to protecting public safety and enjoyment in climbing, skiing and hiking adventures. ACMG members protect the public interest by training and advocating the highest standards of risk management for mountain guiding and climbing instruction.

Certification by the Interpretative Guide Association​

Interpretative Guides weave the local natural and cultural history into engaging stories that help people feel a personal connection to mountain landscapes and cultures in Canada. They encourage excellence in the interpretation of nature, history and culture.

Advanced Wilderness First Aid with CPR

Wilderness Advanced First Aid is comprehensive medical training designed for remote professionals or wilderness leaders who venture into remote and challenging environments.
Our backpacking trips are perfect for those looking for solitude. Courses are an excellent choice for the life long learner who wants to acquire the skills needed to be independent in the backcountry. For folks with only a day to spare check out our private day trips. And for those looking to really live it up we have the perfect combination of a hike and three-course meal. Regardless of what you're looking for, we have the trip for you!


Get Outside is nestled within the Canadian Rockies in the beautiful town of Canmore, AB. We are a 1.25 hour drive from the Calgary International Airport or 3.5 hours from the Edmonton International Airport. Only 5km from the entrance to Banff National Park or 22km from the Banff townsite, you'll love what we have to offer.

Check out the Resource page for a wide range of information including transportation options and recommended accommodations.



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