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Explore Canmore and Banff by Bus

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Transit is an easy and affordable way to get around. The Bow Valley is lucky to have an extensive network that can get you to a lot of amazing places. Roam Transit connects Canmore, Banff, and Lake Louise, as well as many beautiful nearby natural areas. Look for the distinctive buses decorated with wildlife photos taken by local photographers.

Some of the most amazing and transit accessible places are:

Future expansion of Roam transit will include Grassi Lakes and Quarry Lake in 2024.

These are just the beginning of where transit can take you! Most of the bus routes to hiking destinations depart from Banff. If you are starting from Canmore, the Roam #3 Regional Bus will take you from Canmore to Banff (and back again). It runs many times per day year round.

Why Take Public Transit?

  • No need to rent, borrow, or own a car

  • No parking headaches. We’ve all heard the stories about the Lake Louise parking lot!

  • It’s cheaper! The cost to ride is generally cheaper than parking plus gas for a single trip, and the value gets even better if you get a multi-day pass.

  • Reduced environmental impact. Public transit is better for our environment, and the ROAM fleet includes hybrid and fully electric buses.

  • No driving hassle. Let the bus driver do what they are good at while you get to watch the beautiful scenery
  • Some areas in the Bow Valley are either totally off limits to private cars (Like Moraine Lake) or parking is nearly impossible (Lake Louise in peak season)

How to Buy Transit Passes in the Bow Valley:

How to Buy Transit Passes in the Bow Valley:
  • On Your Phone

    Download the Token Transit app

  • With a Smart Card

    Purchase and reload your Smart Card at one of these locations:

    • Roam Customer Service Desk located at 224 Banff Avenue - Inside the Banff Visitor Centre
    • Canmore Civic Centre located at 902-7th Avenue in Canmore
    • Banff Town Hall, 110 Bear Street in Banff
  • Reserve a Seat on Select Routes

    Reserve online here. This applies to the following routes:

    • Route 8X - Lake Louise Express
    • Route 8S - Lake Louise Scenic Summer
    • Route 9 - Johnston Canyon
    • Route 10 - Moraine Lake Fall services
  • At Bus Stop

    Many Roam bus stops have electronic vending machines that take credit cards

  • On the Bus
    Fare boxes on Roam buses accept US and Canadian currency as small as a nickel, and up to $20, and exact change is needed


What if You Miss Your Bus?

If you end up staying out past the last bus to your trailhead, you still have options! You can call Three Sisters Taxi, for a pickup. Because Roam buses are equipped with bike racks, you can also plan to take the bus to your destination, lock your bike up for the day, and bike back to town (often mostly downhill!). Need help planning your journey or understanding the Roam system better? The customer service team are happy to help. Give them a call (403-762-0606) or drop by in person at 224 Banff Ave.

Looking For More Planning Information?

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