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Backpack with friends: COVID-19 safety

Written by Jenna Nodding on . Posted in Stories.
We've spent an unprecedented amount of time tucked away by ourselves this year. As the days get longer and the temperature gets warmer we will all be chomping at the bit to get outside.
For many, being outside has been a safe haven; a place where we can socialize...from a distance, where we can feel our bodies move, and breathe fresh air. Outside has been a place of feeling free. This summer backcountry camping can add to the freedom and provide us the opportunity to spend time with friends.

Tips on how to be COVID safe when camping with people outside of your "bubble"

  • Tents:
    Only those in a "bubble" share tents. Place tents four meters apart from one another to prevent accidental contact.
  • Hiking:
    Remain two meters apart while on trail and in camp.
  • Fire:
    It's hard to stay spread out around the camp fire. You want to snuggle in there. This is a perfect example of where it's best for everyone to wear a mask.
  • Kitchen:
    Wear a mask if you're within two meters of the kitchen area. Keep hand sanitizer within your kitchen kit. Use it before touching any kitchen gear or food.
  • Tarp:
    Have multiple tarps in the group if the weather forecast is fowl. This will prevent people huddling in close quarters.
  • Windy Days:
    Wind will carry droplets further. It's good practice to maintain four meter distance when it's windy out. Another option is to wear a mask.
  • Group size:
    We've missed our friends a lot. Choose a few core friends to adventure with instead of random acquaintances. Four to six is a good group size. More than six and it complicates things. Keep it simple.

Additional Tips For Sharing Gear and Food Prep

The easiest way to prevent cross transmission is to have each person or "bubble" look after their own food and gear. If you choose to share gear and meal prep these steps will help keep you healthy.
  • Food:
    Designate a single person to be the cook for the entire group. No one other than this person can touch any of the food or cooking gear. This includes serving food.
  • Dishes:
    Add a few drops of bleach to rinse water
  • Group Food and Cooking Gear:
    Place all group gear in roll top bags. Everyone in the group carries a bag to help distribute the load. But, only the designated cook is able to handle the items. The person carrying the bag opens it, the designated cook takes the items out of the bag.
  • Tarp:
    If the weather is fowl and maintaining a 2-meter distance is not possible under the tarp masks are good to wear. During meal times find a tree to hind under while you eat. Once your mask goes back on, huddle under the tarp again.
Here at Get Outside we hope you enjoy the upcoming summer season. We have a lot of fun adventures planned! See how we keep COVID safe.

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