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How to Layer for Winter Hiking

Written by Jenna Nodding on . Posted in Stories.

When it comes to dressing for cold weather it can be challenging to determine what works well for you. I am often asked for advice on layering. My system is similar in the winter and summer, I simply add extra layers for the really cold days. Here is what works well for me. I’ve included links to the items I wear so you can get more specific information. Also check out our video about layering. If you have any questions please let me know. Happy to help!

What to do for underwear?
If you are someone who works up a sweat it will be worth investing in merino wool bras and underwear. Ladies, there is nothing worse than sitting around in a cold damp bra. Merino is your best option! I personally like the boxer style underwear or I'll often wear men's boxer briefs.

Pro-tip: If you are someone who sweats, bring an extra base layer shirt to change into at lunch. Before you change into your new shirt throw it inside your jacket for a couple minutes to “pre-warm” it. These small steps will help you stay warmer

"There is no such thing as too cold, just bad gear!"

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