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Gear for Winter Camping

Written by Jenna Nodding on . Posted in Stories.
Winter Camping, believe it or not, is a lot of fun! Imagine...the brilliant sun shining off the snow, not another person in sight, no bugs to buzz by your ear, crisp mountain air filling your lungs, and everything coated in a fresh blanket of snow. I know, I know, I'm laying it on thick. But it's true, winter camping is special!
With the right mindset and the right gear you can enjoy camping year round. Pack your backpack and strap on a pair of snowshoes. To help you enjoy winter camping we decided to share a video of the gear that our lead guide, Jenna Nodding, brings into the backcountry with her. Enjoy!

Looking for a hardcopy of the winter gear list? You can find it, along with many other camping tips, on our resource page. You'll find more winter camping trips here:

Resource Page      Women's Intro to Winter Camping  

"Winter camping doesn't need to be a suffer fest!"

So you see winter camping doesn't need to be a suffer fest! Curious to try it out with the guidance of a professional? We've got the adventure for you! Women's Intro to Winter Camping.
The main goal the Intro to Winter Camping is to learn how to winter camp safely and have fun while doing it (yes, it’s possible to have fun while camping in the winter!). In the pre-trip meeting we cover the basics; everything from what to pack, how to stay WARM, backpacking food and cooking, clothing, overnight gear, and animal safety! The next day strap on your snowshoes and explore. Tents are pitched in a quiet location within Banff National Park providing lots of time explore. If the cold becomes too much we have a camp fire to warm us up! After all, this is not meant to be a suffer-fest, but a chance to learn and experience something new. This is a complete experience for those looking to try and learn something new!