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Lurching in Larch! 

Nothing compares to the gorgeous array of fall colours revealed when the Larch tree turns to its brilliant yellow autumn hue. Treat yourself this fall with one of Get Outside’s Larch Hiking Adventures. We've scoped out the best spots to witness this magnificent change of colour in the Rockies and the Columbia Valley. Come soak in the fall colours with fellow larch aficionados!

Bask in the beauty of fall colours! Come for a challenge, stay for the magical  beauty of larch season in the Canadian Rockies. Learn about these magnificent trees and everything else around. 

Dates and Bookings

Adventure Dates 2024:

  • Larch Co-Ed Day Hike

    September 20 & October 5

    Saddleback Pass/ Highline Lookout (Transportation provided with Moraine Lake Pass)

  • Ladies in Larch

    September 21 & October 12

    Sentinel Pass hike / Larch Valley/ Moraine Lake (Transportation provided with Moraine Lake Pass)

  • Lost Larch

    September 21 & 22

    Two-day trips based out of Radium Hot Springs explore the Purcell Mountains and the Canadian Rockies from another vantage point! The exact hikes are TBD. 

    Transportation is not provided. 

Adventure Rates:
  • Participants:

    Larch Co-Ed -Day Hike CAD $125 per person/ day 

    Ladies in Larch- Day Hike CAD $125 per person/ day

    Lost in Larch -Day Hike CAD $100 per person/ day (we'd love it if you join us for both days in the Columbia Valley - let us help you plan your trip).

    Please tell your friends and family, as we need a minimum of 6 participants per trip! 

    Have a group? Want a private larch hike? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call, text, or WhatsApp us at 780.722.2589.

  • Information package will be given upon registration
  • We value small groups - limited to up 6-8 adventurers

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Itinerary and Gear

Planned Itinerary

Larch Co-Ed Day Hike: Saddleback Pass/ Highline Lookout

  • 8:00 am :

    Your guide will meet you with the van at a TBD pick-up location and get ready for a larch-filled day.

  • 9:30 am :

    Arrive at the Lake Louise Parking lot. Your guide will introduce you to the area and prepare your legs and lungs for a beautiful and rewarding hike.

  • 2:30pm :

    Arrive back at the trailhead and get ready to load the van. And head back into Lake Louise for a treat.

Ladies in Larch: Moraine Lake/ Larch Valley/ Sentinel Pass

  • 8:00 am :

    Your guide will meet you with the van at a TBD pick-up location and get ready for a ladies in larch filled day!

  • 9:30 am :

    Arrive at the trailhead - get out and ready to breathe in that fresh fall air and get your legs and lungs larching!

  • 3:00 pm:

    Arrive back at the van and head into Lake Louise for a well-earned treat, then back to the Bow Valley.

Lost Larch : Two Day Trips from Radium Hot Springs

  • 8:30am:

    Meet your guide, and we will travel together on the adventurous drive to the trailhead! 

  • 3:00 pm:

    Arrive back at the trailhead.

    Times are subject to change, given the conditions of the day and the location.


Level of Difficulty

These hikes will challenge you physically and offer many rewards.  Expect to be hiking for 5-6 hours. 

Have questions around, don't hesitate to contact me. I am here to help!




  • Instruction and interpretation from an ACMG hiking guide
  • Safety equipment: Bear Spray, Communication Device, First Aid Kit
  • Transportation to the trailhead with a Parks Canada Commercial Pass for Moraine Lake and Lake Louise.

Participants must provide:

  • Transportation to the trailhead - the Columbia Valley trips.