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A STEP UP! Wilderness Backpacking.

Take your navigation skills to the next step!

You've started dreaming of new adventures? Looking to get away from the crowds? Let's head into the backcountry using our map and compass to guide us. 

Spend three days wandering the mountains, forging your own way. Our guide will teach you all there is to know about backpacking through remote regions with limited infrastructure! We will hike up to 12km and set up a campsite. Spending two nights out we'll have a lot of opportunity to practice our skills, explore, and get you out front! 

Dates and Bookings

Adventure Dates 2024:

  • August 15 - 18
  • September 12 - 15
Have a group of friends who want to get out? We can put together a private trip just for you!


Adventure Rates:
  • Participants:

    CAD $655 + applicable taxes

  • Information package will be given upon registration
  • We value small groups - limited to 6 adventurers
  • This is a co-ed trip

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Itinerary and Gear

Planned Itinerary

  • Day 1:
    Today is for the pre-trip meeting only. Our meeting will take place in person at 7pm in Canmore. Location TBD. We will make sure everyone has everything they need, introduce the group, laugh lots, and distribute the group gear. Virtual attendance is also an option.
  • Day 2:

    We'll wake up full of energy and drive to the trailhead. The day will be spent with map and compass in hand. Under the watchful eye of your guide the group will be in charge of setting the path. Delicious home made dehydrated meals will fill our bellies when we reach camp. Topped off with dessert we will head to bed with a smile on our face!

  • Day 3:
    Wake up to the smell of coffee delivered to your "door". After an amazing breakfast relish in the beauty of the mountains. We will spend the day exploring. With limited trails to follow we will take in spectacular views as we choose our own way. For those that would liek to take a turn out front, you can do so while under the guidance of the guide. The day is our own adventure!
  • Day 4:
    Today we get to sleep in and enjoy the wilderness before heading back to civilization. Taking our time to appreciate our surroundings we will hike out to our cars. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you just spent two nights in the backcountry!

Level of Difficulty

This trip is designed to help you learn how to safely navigate with limited trails. Some map and compass experience will help you get the most out of the adventure, but it's not essential. We will be hiking along unmarked trails, through the bush, crossing rivers, and choosing our own path. As a result, this should not be your first hike of the year. You will need to carry your personal gear plus food and water for up to 12km each day. When packing, be mindful that your pack should not weight more than 30lbs.

Want to get your body ready for the trip? Take our navigation course and check out this 6 week training program. Follow this and you'll be set. Lets learn together and have some laughs!

  Navigation Course      6 week hiking fitness program      Hiking Fitness Series    

Have questions swirling around, don't hesitate to contact me. I am here to help!

Wanting a little more help getting ready for this adventure? Get Outside has partnered with women-owned Omnia Movement & Performance based out of Canmore, AB. Chelsea will collaborate with you to develop a plan that will help you get the most out of your hike. Her programs are designed to help you physically and mentally prepare for all of the challenges you'll face along the trail.

Gear, Food and Lodging


  • Backcountry skills learning

  • Wilderness pass for two nights
  • Tents for camping - we prefer people from the same "bubble" share tents as some campgrounds have limited tent platforms. Strangers will not be paired together unless requested to help decrease pack weight
  • Amazingly delicious food from the evening of day 1 to lunch on the last day
  • The expertise from an ACMG Guide
  • All group gear - stoves, pots, food storage materials, water treatment, sunblock, bug spray
  • All safety equipment - bear spray, first aid kit, emergency communication device, and tarp

Participants must provide:

  • Accommodations the night before getting on the trail
  • Transportation to Canmore, AB and the trailhead
  • Breakfast and Lunch of day 1 and supper on the last day
  • Personal Gear (Can be arranged for an additional fee)
    Backpacking Gear List